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Who is Praxis for?

Entrepreneurs are the primary drivers of positive change.

Education, real-world experience, and adaptability are rapidly replacing traditional credentials and certifications as the professional currency of the day.

Yet, higher education is not adapting to this change. Students often leave college with few skills and experiences they can take into the real world, a degree that no longer stands out, and a mountain of debt that takes years to pay off.

Praxis exists because young people deserve better than this.

We exist to help you become the predominant creative force in your life - to discover what makes you come alive and to gain the confidence and skills to do it.

What to expect with the Praxis program:

  1. 01. Break the mold

    Apply for Praxis and see how 1 year can change your life.
  2. 02. Build personal capital

    Complete customized monthly personal development projects.
  3. 03. Get matched with a business

    Get paid to work with founders, CEOs, and industry professionals.
  4. 04. Be prepared for the real world

    Graduate with real work experience and a portfolio of accomplishments

Educational Experience

The Praxis education experience combines the best of intellectual and professional development. Gone are the days of separate experiences. Learning and creating are incorporated into one. From digging into liberal arts and big ideas to mastering specialized skills and creating finished products, our project-based approach to learning helps participants figure out how they want to live, what they want to pursue professionally, and how to create value in the marketplace.

Real Business Experience

Participants work at growing startups and learn firsthand what it takes to be an entrepreneur. They create real value and work alongside founders and CEOs. This is not a coffee-making cubicle-sitting experience, but a full immersion in the world of innovative enterprise. We place participants at companies that match their skills and interests and where they will have an experience that a classroom simply cannot provide.

How much does it cost?

The net cost of the program is:

What you earn at your business partner equals, or in some cases exceeds, what you'll pay in tuition.

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Why Join Praxis?

It's about creating your own path instead of passively wandering down the well-worn. It's education without school, work without dullness, life without limits. Praxis exists to free you from what holds you back. We're here to help you create the most direct path from where you are to where you want to be.

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